Yes, Acupuncture Can Help Lower Blood Pressure

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

YES, Acupuncture Lowers Blood Pressure!

People, whether young or old, are at risk of having high blood pressure and would often ask for a substitute management or cure aside from the common drugs which are prescribed by physicians.

The common advice that physicians would give is to eat and live healthily, and while doing so would alleviate the symptoms of having HBP, not everyone can always do both. Because of this, they would resort to still take drugs like Azilsartan, Losartin Potassium, and etc. or a combination of two to three, depending on the components of each drug, while enduring their side effects. The common side effects include dizziness, fatigue, headache—factors that impede the functionality of each individual. Needless to say, hindered functionality means less productivity. And preventing less productivity, aside from treating hypertension itself, is what acupuncture does.

A case study on acupuncture and hypertension

Numerous recent studies would support that acupuncture treatment lowers blood pressure—may it be utilized with medications or not. To present one among others, in a case study by Lili Zhang, Pengfei Shen, and Shu Wang, a 56-year-old man who has been suffering from hypertension for six years and has started taking medication four years after he was diagnosed,underwent a course of sixty sessions of acupuncture. The reason being that the drug he was taking had little effect on his condition, but had various side effects like “diarrhea, fatigue and decreased sexual function”. Accordingly, he preferred food with lesser salt, and exercised for two hours each day—but still remained hypertensive. Over the course of twelve (12) weeks, needles were used to treat his hypertension as well as to suppress the side effects of the antihypertensive drug he was taking.

The outcome

After the first six weeks, there was a noteworthy lowering of his blood pressure (from 150/99 mm Hg to 128/85 mm Hg), and a loss of the drug’s side effects. Because of these results, the patient decided to stop taking his medications, but his BP “rebounded” to 146/95 mm Hg just fourteen days into discontinuing. This showed that there was a “synergistic” relationship between the drug and acupuncture. The medication then was continued which gradually lowered his blood pressure to a “satisfactory level of 130/80 mm Hg” on the final weeks, all the while not experiencing the side effects of the drug he was taking. This only goes to prove that integrating acupuncture in his treatment for high blood pressure gave out a positive outcome, as compared to not having any results at all before undergoing acupuncture treatments!

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