Why choose Acupuncture for weight loss?

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Obesity has become a national epidemic and many people suffering from this issue look for different ways to shed excess pounds and achieve a healthy weight. While there are many conventional ways, Acupuncture is now adopted by many people around the world as an alternative medicine for weight management. Many medical professionals recognized it as one of the safest and effective methods to treat weight loss and also a myriad of medical conditions with zero side effects. Acupuncture is a practice of traditional Chinese medicine that has a different approach not only to help to lose weight but also achieve overall wellness and that is the concept of the Acupuncture.

Read on to know How Acupuncture works to treat your excess weight.

One of the best advantages that acupuncture has over many other conventional methods is that it is purely a natural form of treatment that does not require any type of surgeries, diet pills or any other methods that may give you mental and physical strain. Often people attribute overweight, as a result of overeating. However, excessive stress and anxiety could be the contributing factors leading to binge eating disorders. Physicians say if the stress can be controlled the eagerness to eat also reduces and this way you can curb eating more. Acupuncture works by targeting the mental conditions along with physical functions to treat excess weight. Acupuncture is a practice of piercing very fine needles into the skin to stimulate certain Acupoints in the body for therapeutic treatment. The necessary points for treatment are chosen according to the intensity of the problem. For weight loss treatment, the ear is the focal point, where the needles are inserted. These needles stimulate the acupoints and result in the release of endorphins which relax the patient and he gains control over senses and eventually excess eating is controlled. Acupuncture weight loss target points are mainly mouth especially for the big eater, stomach to check digestive disorders, lungs for food addiction, Endocrine glands to check for hormonal imbalances, Spleen for sugar imbalances, Kidney for water retention, Thyroid gland to treat metabolic disorders. So, Acupuncture works on your digestive system, and endocrine system to lower food cravings, calm down your senses and improve metabolism.

So, why should you choose Acupuncture for weight loss?

  • Controls overeating and suppresses food cravings

  • Maximizes the absorption of nutrients

  • Energizes the body

  • Reduces Anxiety and Stress(a major reason for Binge eating)

  • Regulates elimination process

  • Treats food Addiction

  • Treats hormonal disorders that make a person gain weight

  • Improves metabolism

  • Strengthens Digestive system

  • Detoxifies liver

  • Combats mood or emotional disorders

  • Balances blood sugar levels

  • Reduces Inflammation( Inflammation is directly linked to Weight gain, obesity, and diabetes)

  • Improves quality of sleep

  • Boosts overall wellness

To get treated with Acupuncture for weight loss, one may have to undergo treatment sessions for a longer period ranging from weeks to months and this may vary from person to person. Together with your acupuncturist, you can develop a plan that best suits your budget and that complements your diet plan and exercise. Acupuncture for weight loss helps you achieve positive results in gaining healthy weight and also improving overall physical and mental health. Always choose the right Acupuncturist to help you treat with excess weight. At, NY FOUR SEASONS ACUPUNCTURE & Wellness, we got the best acupuncturists to treat various health issues and help you get better with the right use of acupuncture treatment that best suits you. Book your appointment today! Same day appointment available

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