No more morning sickness! Yes to acupressure!

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

No more morning sickness! Yes to acupressure!

Fifty percent of pregnant women experience morning sickness at any period of their pregnancy. This makes them feel tired and nauseous all throughout the day even if it does not occur at every minute of the day. When it progresses to severity, there are more undesirable symptoms, and these include dehydration and weight loss for the mother or worse, hospitalization. This has been a problem to pregnant women as its causes are still vaguely known (with reasons varying from estrogen levels to sense of smell), and the effectiveness of the recommended remedies vary from one individual to another. Others, for instance, say that ginger eases the nausea, but others on the other hand, would say that it only makes them want to vomit even more. Treatments for morning sickness vary from more liquid intake, having enough rest, eating small meals often, getting naps within the day, and of course acupressure.

Yes, acupressure! More and more pregnant women resort to this alternative method of alleviating, if not stopping the symptoms of morning sickness to occur. As what is not commonly known, pregnant women are in fact more responsive to the benefits of acupuncture and acupressure treatments. And acupressure is a type of acupuncture which may be more appealing for the pregnant women who are doubtful about needles. And of course, it has been proven effective! Although it should be noted that acupuncture is more beneficial in certain conditions, and the needles are mostly inserted in the arm and leg/feet area.

Having acupressure for treating morning sickness is actually hitting two birds with one stone. Aside from it being beneficial in the condition, it also is proven as a healthy way to massage pregnant women. Needless to say, who would say no to experiencing relaxation and being stress-free while being treated for a daily nuisance?

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