Updated: Aug 27, 2020

In a report published in the journal Human Reproduction Update, it was mentioned that period pain—commonly known as dysmenorrhea is a condition that affects up to 95 percent of menstruating women.

The period pain experienced by women during their menstrual cycle is most often unbearable and extremely affects the physical activities of women and at times even their emotional well-being.

Menstruating women resort to various means to alleviate the discomfort brought by period pain. These include; taking over-the-counter pain medicine, exercising, taking hot baths or putting hot packs on the belly. These practices may have been proven effective through time; however, there is a complementary medical practice (Acupuncture) demonstrating impressive results in relieving period pain.

Acupuncture poses a number of benefits in dysmenorrhea. Science is working on it!

According to Medical News Today, women undergoing acupuncture more frequently experienced more significant improvements in period pain intensity and related symptoms, as well as in overall quality of life.

The Natural Harmony Reproductive Health and Jones Family Acupuncture provided four benefits of acupuncture in reproductive health. Acupuncture promotes optimal blood flow to and through the reproductive organs during menstruation, reduces chronic inflammation, improves hormone balance and reduces stress.

Additionally, studies show that acupuncture reduces the intensity of menstrual cramps since the level of pain in dysmenorrhea is reduced up to 50 percent through manual acupuncture. Period pain is a condition that women need to put up with for a few days every month, and having science and medicine as partners; women are granted the opportunity to experience a “worry-free” menstrual cycle.

But wait, there is more to acupuncture!

Dysmenorrhea causes significant disruption in quality of life among women. Conversely, acupuncture do not only contribute to the reduction of menstrual pain but also remedies the secondary effects of menstruation, including headache, dizziness, fatigue and disrupted sleep brought about by abdominal cramps. Truly, acupuncture is an all-in package!

Why not decide switching to acupuncture?

Women during menstruation need not to grit through the pain of dysmenorrhea; with regular acupuncture treatments, menstrual cycle is well regulated and blood flow is lightened. Monthly menstrual painkillers could possibly be off the table since acupuncture’s efficacy runs long term.

If your old tricks no longer work in the advent of heavy pain, unbearable abdominal cramps and severe headaches, it would not hurt to consider alternatives and venture into new treatments. Getting released from the torment of dysmenorrhea was never a piece of cake to women; ignoring the pain won’t help either. Why not give acupuncture a chance? Needles may prick, but surely therapeutic!

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