Having dental pain? Go to an acupuncturist!

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Having dental pain? Go to an acupuncturist!

Everywhere we go, there is always the mention of ‘acupuncture treatments’—and even when we already know what it is, we often ask ourselves why it is widespread. Well the answer to that is it is helpful in a lot of ways that we can ever imagine. Do you always experience migraine? Try acupuncture. How’s you allergic rhinitis? Are you still bothered by its symptoms? Try acupuncture. Did you have a tiring day at the office? Go to the acupuncturist for relaxation. The list can go on and on, but one interesting fact about such list is the inclusion of dental pain.

Surely, everyone who has tried having toothache can attest that when one tooth is painful, every part of the body becomes painful. The pain is worst, and it only gets bearable when one takes pain relievers (which also sometimes still don’t work!). Or is there a non-medicinal way to suppress dental pain?

Recent studies, including one by Chapman et al., have proven acupuncture to ‘change the processing and perception of pain in the brain and spinal cord’, which in turn will slow down the transmittal of pain signals, increase antinociceptive (a blocker of the detection of pain), and even generate short-term analgesia.

Aside from that, some studies have also concluded that acupuncture can lessen dental anxiety, or the fear of undergoing any dental operation. Specifically, in the study done by Karst et al., it was found out that the controlled group who underwent auricular acupuncture (acupuncture for the external ear) was less anxious in undergoing the dental extraction. Aside from that, it was noted that the willingness of the patients to follow the dentist’s instructions also ‘significantly improved’.

It should be noted that dental pain is caused by many different factors like tooth decay or sensitive teeth, and these should be referred to dentists. What is comforting to know, however, is how acupuncture can help in any of the painful dental process!

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