Frequently Asked Questions About Acupuncture

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions About Acupuncture

Holistic treatments are now more than ever the most sought after by Americans. The integration of alternative medicine is on the rise, and this is evident in the higher demand for acupuncture. And while more and more people turn to it for various health reasons, some are still circumspect about the treatment as it may be new to them or they may still have doubts about how it is done. Questions regarding its safety, effectivity, and even its trustworthiness are just some that people often ask. Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding Acupuncture, and the well-researched answers to them.

Needles! Do the needles hurt?

The use of needles in Acupuncture has caused negative touch to the treatment—and this is understandable since the word itself is already fearsome. However, contrary to the popular belief that the needles used are like those used by doctors, the Acupuncture needles are in fact very thin and small! Those who have tried acupuncture are often surprised as they expected the needles to be regular in size.

Some reported no pain, and some described it as just a quick pressure when the needles are inserted. But does the pain last? Absolutely not. Once the needles are in their correct places, the feeling of relaxation takes over, which sometimes would even make the patient fall asleep.

Would I get infection from those needles?

Licensed acupuncturists always make sure that their needles are sterilized before treatments. Acupuncturists undergo classes and trainings encompassing all the aspects of the treatment starting from where to place the needles to the ways on making them free from contamination. There is a very low instance of bruising or bleeding, but as long as one goes to a reliable Acupuncture center with licensed practitioners, there should be no problem.

Do I need to stop my medical treatments when I start Acupuncture?

No. Before acupuncture became popular in the health industry of western countries, it was used in Asian countries as a medical treatment or as an additional to other ones. When the latter happens, the doctors and the acupuncturists were made aware that their patient is having both for him to get the most benefits from the acupuncture, and from the medical treatment.

Americans, at present, do the same thing. Aside from the medications that they are having, they are also incorporating acupuncture for the best results


How many times do I need to have the treatment?

The number of sessions for each client is variable as it usually depends on what the treatment is for. A patient with high blood pressure, for example, would need to have the treatment on a monthly basis to continually mitigate the symptoms of the condition, as well as to lower the BP itself. What’s important is to let the acupuncturist know the reason for the treatment so that he/she will advise accordingly.

Is it effective?

Yes. Just like any other treatments/health practices, acupuncture has had its share of researches regarding its effectivity, and most of the researches have proven acupuncture to produce good results in alleviating the symptoms of various diseases and conditions. If it were not effective, its use would not have reached as far as the western countries like Finland, United Kingdom, Australia, and the USA, knowing that it originated in China. In fact, it has been used in the west for nearly half a century.

In what conditions can acupuncture be used as treatment?

The conditions and diseases where acupuncture can be used effectively are uncountable as the research for it is still ongoing. Some of the common ones where it has been proven effective are in the following:

Low back pain, neck pain, osteoarthritis, knee pain, headache and migraine, high and low blood pressure, gastric conditions, painful periods, dysentery, allergic rhinitis, facial pain, morning sickness, rheumatoid arthritis, dental pain, tennis elbow, facial pain, stiff neck , and spine pain. For assurance, it is best to visit an acupuncturist to be more knowledgeable on how it could help with any condition!

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