Afraid of Needles?

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Afraid of Needles?

“Needles?! That must be painful. I’m not trying that!” –Yes, this is a common response of people when asking about the process of acupuncture. And while it is true that needles are used in acupuncture, these are very thin and small (very far different than the regular ones) needles that patients would often say they are not felt in a sense where they just seem to be pressures when inserted. But okay, we get it; needles, regardless of the size, can be frightening for some people. So instead of focusing on the use of needles as a factor for not getting all the benefits of acupuncture, why not try acupressure?

What is acupressure?

With the same goal like acupuncture, acupressure also focuses on the body’s Qi (“vital energy”) to ease, if not cure, the symptoms and illnesses of the human body. Acupressure focuses on the acupoints of the body to improve its vigor, and eventually cure its ailments. There are eight common points for acupressure: Gallbladder 20 (Feng Chi), Gallbladder 21 (Jian Jing), Large Intestine (He Gu), Liver 3 (Tai Chong), Pericardium 6 (Nei Guan), Triple Energizer 3 (Zhong Zhu), Spleen 6 (San Yin Jiao), and Stomach36 (Zu San Li). It may seem odd that these are the places where the treatment is focused on, but the idea is to put pressure on these parts as their health will also determine the health of the other body parts. The third point (He Gu), for example, is relevant in alleviating the bodily aches such as neck pain, headaches, and stress.

How is it done?

Acupressure doesn’t use needles. Its name alone would signify that applying steady pressure using the thumb and the palms to raise the levels of activity in the meridians (Qi highways) as well as massage such parts is the key factor in this treatment. Doing so will allow the meridians to be clear and unrestricted for a better flow of natural energy in the body. This will restore a physiological balance which in turn will affect an individual’s overall heath.

What conditions is it commonly used in?

Acupressure has been proven effective in simple instances such as easing stress and tension to relieving chronic pain. Further, its efficiency has also helped in treating the symptoms of migraines, toothaches, nausea, anxiety, upper back pain, high blood pressure, facial pain, and even depression. So if you really are not into the use of needles, try acupressure instead.

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