Best Massage Therapy NYC

At Kundao Wellness, we help our clients overcome their stress, back pain, neck tension, joint pain, and body aches with the best massage therapy in NYC. With a combination of acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, and massage therapy, we offer therapeutic relief for your pain-related conditions.

Difference between massage and acupuncture

Both acupuncture and massage therapy helps lessen pain in different parts of the body, promote relaxation, and improves sleep. Acupuncture is more apt for treating sharp or stabbing pains, while massage helps overcome lingering or dull types of pain. While both offer similar effects, the technique used differs between the two treatments. Acupuncture relies on the placement of small needles in certain body trigger points to stimulate the central nervous system. Several times, the sharp and stabbing pain that you experience can arise from a damaged nerve. Acupuncture heals the nerve pain by promoting blood flow to all the body parts.

On the other hand, massage heals muscular injuries, relaxes the sore and tense muscles, and stimulates the nervous system to release endorphins. Endorphins ensure that your brain no longer processes pain the way it used to before, and offers a calm and relaxed feeling. If you suffer from neck or shoulder pains, backaches, and leg pains, a skilled masseuse can release the tension from these muscle groups and help you sleep better. Based on the unique medical needs of our patients, Dr. Fang creates a custom-treatment plan to help individuals attain improved physical and mental wellness.

Is acupuncture better than a massage? 

The answer to this question depends on your medical complaint, personal choice, and your treatment goals. If you are suffering from a sharp and stabbing pain, acupuncture can offer better pain relief as it helps address sharp pains by healing the over-activated nerves. Besides, acupuncture rectifies the blood flow and energy flow in the affected areas and offers prompt pain relief.

​On the other hand, massage is the best choice if you have dull or mild but frequent body pains. Massage relaxes the tensed muscles, increases the blood flow, promotes healing after an injury, and promotes sleep. We offer the best massage therapy in NYC at affordable rates.

Top reasons to get acupuncture 

If you run a hectic life with no time to care for yourself, scheduling an acupuncture session once a week can allow you to pause, relax, and revitalize. Acupuncture not only promotes relaxation but helps treat a variety of bodily pain.

Also, if you are finding it hard to get some shut-eye in the nights, acupuncture can offer deep relaxation and help you sleep better. It also acts as an energy booster in individuals by rebooting and optimizing the body's Qi (energy), which enables you to perform to your fullest capacity. Lastly, getting acupuncture at least once a week can improve your physical and mental wellness.

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