Back Pain Relief NYC

At Kundao Wellness, we offer the most effective and therapeutic acupuncture for conditions like arthritis, sciatica, muscle spasms, chronic back pain, etc. Dr. Fang creates a customized treatment program for all her clients, based on their unique medical needs and guarantees lasting back pain relief in NYC.

Acupuncture for back pain

Most people look for non-invasive and drug-free solutions to overcome back pain to avoid unpleasant side-effects and complications. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese approach that involves the use of fine needles at certain trigger points to overcome a variety of pain-related ailments. It uses the most natural approach to healing and guarantees immediate and lasting relief from chronic back pain.

TCM believes that there are over 2000 trigger points in the human body that connect the pathways or meridians. By stimulating the meridians, acupuncture helps create an unhindered flow of energy in the body. A healthy flow of Qi not only helps attain pain relief but helps overcome pain and attain improved wellness. Some scientific theories believe that acupuncture stimulates the central nervous system and triggers the release of certain chemicals. These chemicals enter the spinal cord and brain and alter the experience of pain in individuals and offer a sense of calm and relaxation.

What to expect in your acupuncture session   


During an acupuncture treatment, your acupuncturist will use very fine needles and place them into specific trigger spots in your body. You may feel slight discomfort when this happens. However, the pain does not last for more than 10 seconds. Based on your pain areas, symptoms, and medical conditions, our acupuncturist for back pain relief in NYC will design a custom treatment program.

Your first-time consultation will include a comprehensive physical examination, and this session can last for approximately an hour.


However, subsequent appointments do not last for over 30 minutes. During the session, you will wear a gown, sheet, or towel and lie on a padded table. Your acupuncturist will insert needles at various depths at different trigger points on your body. Generally, your therapist may insert anywhere from 5-20 needles, and your practitioner may gently twirl or apply mild electrical pulses to the needles after placement. The needles will remain in place for 15-20 minutes, after which your acupuncturist will remove them.

How acupuncture helps back pain?

Acupuncture is one of the popular and most effective Chinese physical therapy that helps manage and treat chronic back pains. Scientists believe that acupuncture offers pain relief by stimulating the central nervous system and by triggering the release of endorphins into the muscles, spinal cord, and brain. This way, your brain no longer processes pain the way it used to once. Instead, you feel more relaxed and calm.

Furthermore, acupuncture treatment releases the natural opioids in the body and offers lasting relief from pains and aches. Some studies state that acupuncture releases neurotransmitters, which sends messages to regulate the on/off mechanisms of nerve endings.

Call us for an appointment with Dr. Serene Fang or visit At Kundao Wellness, our team of highly skilled acupuncturists uses the most effective methods in TCM and acupuncture to offer immediate and lasting back pain relief in NYC.